Syracuse SEO Company

Strategy. Execution. Results. Repeat. This is my simple four step method for winning the local search engine optimization game.

I’ll tell you more about each step later. First, I’m going to tell you about what makes my SEO company different than my competitors’.


The three things that make my Syracuse SEO services different and better are transparency, clarity, and exclusivity. Let me explain.

1. Transparency—See What Work is Done & How Much Time it Took

You will have access to my work log system that records what tasks were completed, how much time each task took, and how it advances our local search engine optimization strategy.

2. Clarity—Know Exactly How We’re Progressing Towards Our Goals

You need to receive clear information, not overwhelming data. Other SEO companies confuse their clients with tons of meaningless data points—usually to conceal their failures. Not me. With Dinosaur SEO you choose from 3 reporting options of varying detail levels so you get the exact information you need.

3. Exclusivity—Dinosaur SEO Works Exclusively With 1 Company per Industry

Local SEO is a cutthroat industry. I fought hard and learned a ton while working to get Dinosaur SEO ranking so that you could have the chance to read this. I would never sabotage myself and do the same work for my competitors.

Don’t you deserve the same loyalty from your search engine optimization company? Are you working with a large agency that hass your competitors as customers too? Give them a call and ask who they’re going to rank higher: you or your competitors.

This isn’t a numbers game for me. I don’t need hundreds of small clients; just a few special ones. With e, you get a digital marketing professional who understands your business.


I promised that we’d delve deeper into what my marketing services include, so let’s get into it! As a reminder, my four SEO steps are: strategy, execution, results, and repeat.

Step 1: Search Engine Optimization Strategy

The first step covers all of the research, data analysis, goal setting, and strategy development. This is higher-level marketing strategy.

I research your industry, your competitors, keywords, reviews, and more. This generates a ton of data for me to sift through. The analysis of this data leads us to discovering what opportunities exist. From here, we set goals and create a strategy to achieve them.

Step 2: Doing the SEO Work

The second step involves sitting down and digging my T-Rex claws into the actual SEO work.

I personally handle everything from the on-page SEO, off-page SEO, technical SEO, content creation, web hosting, and both web design and development. Sometimes it is more cost-effective to hire a friend to help me out and you will be informed on all of those details. All of your SEO work is meticulously tracked and recorded for you in our work log.

Step 3: Reporting the Results of your SEO

This next step is how I handle your reporting. As I mentioned earlier, you have three options for reporting depending on how much information and data you want to see. Your full data is always available to you no matter which report you choose.

  1. The Essential Report: only metrics on our goals.
  2. The Summary Report: only metrics on our goals and their KPIs (key performance indicators).
  3. The Complete Report: all of the nerdy your nerdy heart could ever desire.

You also get to choose how frequently you receive your SEO reports. This can be whatever you want, whether it’s daily, weekly, monthly, or the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month.

Step 4: Repeat!

The final step starts the process all over again. I review all of the new data acquired so that I can find new SEO opportunities for you. You and I also chat about our goals and strategy to make adustments if needed. Dinosaur SEO religiously practices the scientific method to get your website ranking and your phone ringing!