Customized Onsite SEO Checklist

Get a customized checklist of specific changes you need to make to your website in order to improve your rankings.

Customized Onsite SEO Checklist Service

This isn’t some automated report or general recommendations. It is highly detailed and tailored to your URL and target keyword. Here is a sample delvierable.

Customized Onsite SEO Checklist Sample

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To create your checklist, you need to tell me what keyword you want to rank for and which page of your website you want to show up for that keyword. For example:


Target Keyword: blue widgets

Your checklist gives you specific instructions on changes to make to your page based on the volatility and correlated ranking factors for the keyword that you’re targeting with your page. You or your team can implement the changes or you can hire me to make the changes for you as well.

Onsite SEO Checklist Turn Around Time

I start working immediately upon receiving payment. Low volatility keywords will have their checklists delivered in 8 days (if you paid on July 11, then your report would be delivered on 19th). Medium to high volatility keywords will have their checklists delivered in 16-32 days.

Onsite SEO Checklist Pricing

How Your Onsite SEO Checklist is Created

SEO is my craft, not my religion. This is why I do my work based on the data that I collect rather than blind faith in Google’s propaganda or the newest Moz clickbait. While other SEOs are reciting the latest Top 10 On-page SEO Tips blog post, I am gathering actual keyword-specific data.

Here’s my 3 step process:

  1. Track the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) for your keyword to gauge volatility. Volatility in this context refers to how much the website rankings change in the SERPs. This measurement period requires 1 week to 1 month of tracking.
  2. I analyze the top 100 websites ranked by Google for your keyword for over 550 on-page variables. The variables are analyzed with both Spearman and Pearson correlation techniques to identify on-page variables that strongly correlate with higher (and lower) rankings.
  3. After the tracking period concludes, I compile all of the daily reports for your keyword to identify which on-page variables are consistently strongly correlated to high (and low) rankings. This is done daily to prevent bad changes based on data from an algorithm shift.
How (and Why) SERPs Are Tracked for Your Keyword

Here’s an example of a stable (low volatility) SERP for a keyword:

The x-axis is time (past to present) and the y-axis is the position on Google (the top being position 1 and the bottom being position 20). Each colored line represents a specific URL and grey lines/dots represent pages that once held that rank but are no longer ranked in the top 20.

By tracking your keyword’s SERPs like this, we can identify how stable it is (to build confidence in correlation factors) and when an algorithm (‘algo’) shift occurs (or is temporarily tested by Google).

Here’s an example of an algo shift:

In the above example, you can see in the circles that all of the affected pages dropped 3 positions for a day but then recovered when the results Google tested were removed. It happened twice. It’s important to be able to identify these shifts because if you base your onpage SEO changes on a single day’s data then you risk making bad changes. For example, when an amateur does onpage SEO he risks emulating the rankings of this URL (in red):

He follows the dogma of “emulate the position 1 website” but if he does that on the days highlighted in green, he is actually “optimizing” by copying a website that spends 95{74e504f272233632201a4d914f40111731bdd20de5c9f376a583c386889a6c81} of its life on page 2. “Don’t worry, SEO just takes time. Looooooottttttssssssssss of time…” lol. Your customized onsite SEO checklist won’t have this issue because the data from the days with algo shifts will be disregarded.

Lastly, here’s an example of a volatile SERP that we’d want to track and run correlation reports daily for about a month (or more):

This process has helped me rank my own websites and my clients’ websites on page 1 for a variety of industries, including insurance and hosting.

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