About Dinosaur SEO

Dinosaur SEO is a Syracuse SEO company that maintains a portfolio of affiliate websites. I also provide SEO services to clients both locally and nationally. The company is owned by me, Paul Gallipeau, and I specialize in providing on-site and local SEO services.

About My Company

There are three things that make Dinosaur SEO different and better than our competitors.

  1. Transparency: I provide you with detailed work logs so that you always know what work is done, how much time it took, why it was done, and how it advancces your SEO strategy.
  2. Clarity: I curate the data in your SEO reports to give you three options of varying details. Instead of being overwhelmed by raw data, you can get the exact information that you want and need.
  3. Exclusivity: I only work with one client per industry so that I never have a conflict of interest among my customers.

In addition to these competitive advantages, I also empower my clients with ownership of their accounts, such as ther domain registration, Google Analytics account, AdWords account, and so on. Unlike other SEO companies, I will never be the gatekeeper to your data. Instead, I will teach you how to be the gatekeeper to me and any other vendors you may work with.

Dinosaur SEO’s Mission

Dinosaur SEO T-Rex Illustration

Dinosaur SEO is on a mission to devour all of our competitors—whether they be direct competitors to my SEO company or the direct competitors of my clients. I prepare my websites to rank through perfect technical SEO and on-page SEO. I use conservative link-building strategies for off-page SEO to protect the longevity of my clients’ websites and my own.

About Paul Gallipeau

Dinosaur SEO was founded by me, Paul Gallipeau, in 2018 after I moved from Rochester, NY to Syracuse, NY. I’m a dinosaur in internet years because I have been in the SEO industry since 2007. In addition to providing search engine optimization services for both myself and my clients’ projects, I have also managed millions of dollars in ad spend on Google AdWords and have created hundreds of websites throughout my career.